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Twenty-six hours into our relationship, Reba and I were on the couch at night watching the dystopian romantic comedy "Her" when we had our first fight.

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Not shy? Find yourself here by mistake? Perhaps you'd like our roundup of the best hookup sites instead. You can now scan for a potential mate without ever leaving the comfort zone that is your couch. Of course, eventually you'll need to get up and actually go on a date.

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Quora can help. Show them that you are listening and care. So how do you turn one into the other, moving from small talk drudgery to genuine human connection?

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Words alone don't work. If they reply, 'My family,' then you can ask about them, since the other party brought them into this themselves," he elaborates. If you want small talk to be more interesting, the surest route is to be more interested in your conversation partner. So one trick is to turn an aimless chat into a learning session. It's all about phrasing, insists art director Craig Weiland. Dull as a toaster that doesn't have toast.

I tried out an ai girlfriend app. we broke up after 48 hours.

If you're having a blast, it's likely others will enjoy talking to you. But the opposite is also true.

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Boredom is usually a two-way street. When you truly connect with someone, time stands still, space contracts, and you leave whatever event you were at feeling truly alive. There's absolutely no trick that can make one-word answers exciting, so the only solution is to avoid them.

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Top Videos. The possibility of more time with one another. So "gamify for your own amusement," suggests social cause marketer Keirsten Lindholm. An evening of surreptitious glances at the bar and awkward silences will leave you as drained and depressed as a night of new friendships will leave you exhilarated. Small talk is only as small as your reservoir of topics and experiences.

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You get better at small talk, obviously -- or to be more accurate you learn how to get beyond small talk and into the realm of real conversation. You won't connect with everyone. Writer Ellen Vrana offers some advice: "Imagine a robot saying 'I find you interesting. Lean forward.

7 ways to make small talk way more interesting

Getty Images. Talking about the weather or the traffic is the classic example of this strategy, but there are other, less painfully cliched ways to use your environment as a conversational springboard. Make eye contact. Small talk can seem pointless and unstructured -- and therefore totally painful -- but most everyone understands both the how and why of teaching.

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The best thing you can do sometimes is cut your losses and end a stalled conversation in order to move on and chat with someone with whom you have more rapport. Top Stories.

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Expand your store of anecdotes and opinions and you'll expand your conversational possibilities. What's your favorite trick for better conversations?

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If your conversation partner is bored, so are you. Psychologist Richard Wiseman wrote about one man with a unique networking strategy; to avoid habitually gravitating to people just like him, he would pick a color in advance and then make a point of seeking out people wearing that color to initiate conversations and make connections he otherwise wouldn't.

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If the first principle of good conversation is to be genuinely interested, an important corollary is to be more interesting. There are few pleasures in life better than a great conversation.

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The question-and-answer site crowdsourced wisdom for a user who wanted to know how to get better at small talkgathering useful tips for anyone who wants to grow their circle of connections and make their next event way less boring for all involved. Finally, don't forget that you're not required to find every human being on the planet interesting it would be weird if you did.

No one does," Vrana reassures readers of the thread. On the other hand, there are few miseries worse than a night of endless small talk. No, that's an insult to toast.

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Software engineer Robert Rapplean suggests "commenting on something in your environment It's a technique that's endorsed beyond Quora as well. On HBR recently, professional speaker and therefore serial event attendee Dorie Clark suggested a variation on this theme.

To convey a genuine sense of interest, you have to emote. Before entering an event, she chooses a topic to find out more about and then uses small talk as an opportunity to complete her self-appointed mission.