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Bb live chat jeff

Get a behind the scenes look at the official Big Brother Live Chats! Paola and Jeff chat Paola and Jeff chat before the cameras roll. All smiles Jeff and Paola smile for the cameras before the live chat begins.

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Jeff Schroeder born June 5, is an American television and online talk show host, currently for Daily Blast Livea daily entertainment and news program produced and distributed by TEGNA, which is seen on-air on local stations across the U. Schroeder was born in Norridge, Illinois and is of German and Italian descent. Schroeder had a close relationship with Jordan which led to a relationship, outside the house.

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So Why not? Jordan is much younger than Jeff and I doubt either of them will relocate.

Plus he said that he felt jeff was using you. The banner at the bottom of the ? You two have awesome chemistry together and you compliment one another. Is there any chance of you two going on The Amazing Race together. She is so gucci :. OMG, I want to know if Jordan had her breasts done.

I think it would be a big Hit!! And are they together now? Matt are you going to post information from the chat fest with Jeff and Jordan on this site?

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Hope you get a lot of sponsors and ad work, I swear, Jeff could sell snowballs to the Eskimos. Why not put the both couples on the Amazing Race? I want to get mine done and am sooo sooo scared! Jordyn can calm you down when necessary and you Jeff can rev her up when necessary. Jorden now that you are out of the house and you see how popular Jeff is and how everyone wants him.

Paola and jeff chat

Your ability to make each other smile and laugh during stressful times, and to not embarrass your family by having public sex is a testament to a very good upbringing by both families. Jeff and Jordan from the feeds it seems that you were very close very early on when did you know it might be more than a friendship. Would Jordan relocate in order for their relationship blossom into a forever love? Nobody, ever, has showed as much class and personal restraint as Jordan and Jeff. If not, no worries, you can still -up and register now to us for the fun! What does your family think about the two of you together?

Jordan, hearing you think that natalie had changed for whatever reason you thought made me feel like shaking the truth into you head. The rule is you must be 21……. Big Brother 11 was the best big brother ever. Thanks muchly. Jordan, I heard you say that you would stay in contact with her after BB. In light of all the awful things she said about you in the house, do you still feel the same way?

Stay ahead of Big Brother 12 with the latest news and updates!

Paola and jeff

She was just using you to make sure you didnt get rid of her if you had the chance. And i wanted to say that i love you guys, your the reason i watched bb this year. What do you want to ask Jeff and Jordan? Good Luck! I think I was most impressed by how Jeff was a very strong and positive person, never allowing anyone to pull him into quarrels, blow ups or negative energies, too much.

Thanks for making the season worthwhile! Matt: Is there anyway that you can remove that darn popup that appears on the Survivor blog? It is so irritating, and I see that it is on this blog also.

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Thanks, Toni. Even my popup blocker will not stop it. I wish you both the best. They look so good! Good job Jeff. I really enjoyed them. Then it would be you, jordan and michelle against natalie and lydia who both are bad competitors. Jeff, you had this game in your hands.

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If so, does she know what America thinks of her and what was her reaction? Michelle would have won the smores competition and she would have gotten rid of natalie.

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It was a pleasure to watch, and a bonus to see each of you win something. Then they were on the Amazing Race. GoodLuck to Jeff in the coming days.

How do you feel about Jeff? Jeff and Jordan I loved you guys on BB11 you are the reason I purchased the live feeds this year and this is the first season my husband ever watched BB and it was because of the two of you. Judy: What details were you looking for? Funny how some people say to wait and take it slow.

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All of the houseguest or as many as are interested sit together in one room and watch the feeds as a whole! Do you really think they need that advice after they waited all summer and through the hardest part of the beginning of a relationship?

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I want to ask Jordan if she will keep in touch with Natalie…………. It was sad to hear you say nice things about you when he always talked badly about you and jeff. You guys are awesome and I am a fan of team Jordan and Jeff.

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Alot of people think that the biggest mistake you made in this game was getting rid of russle, believe the biggest mistake you made was getting rid of lydia who was by far the weakest players instead of getting rid of kevin. Michelle wouldnt be able to play for the finale four round and then you guys could all team up and send her home. I hope Jeff becomes more wiser when dealing with people.

I want to know.

It seemed to us that something special was happening. Also thanks Matt for the updates all season. The two of you have a wonderful chemistry together and complement each other. Then the finale three would be you, jordan and lydia.

Please get rid of it. My husband and I soon will celebrate 25yrs he was my BFF first Good luck……. I wonder if they are moving on to other television spots, I saw them on The Bonnie Hunt show they were awesome.

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If Not WHY???? I am still veryu disapointed that he believed Kevin saying those stupid things. I hope you guys really take things slowly and get to know each other before getting to a serious relationship. Jeff could had become the winner. Summer: What pop-up?

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I think they should start a Reality show together! I hope it works out for you!!!!! His positive affirmations and actions makes him the perfect example how to manifest a healthy, self-esteem building experience and how to LOVE this rollercoaster ride we call life and enjoy all the benefits from living in the NOW, making the most of what the universe has to offer. Hi Jeff and Jordyn! Either way hope you guys continue BFF; However if you all get married please post wedding pictures.