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Welcome to college! You have finally been freed from the cruel, harsh dictatorship of your parents!

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But at a select group of college campuses, a new player has entered the scene -- a student-centered networking app called Islands. The app is also available at the University of Western Ontario in Canada, where Isenberg stayed on campus to conduct market research. If they want to have a room where all the messages disappear after an hour, great. The way that you choose to communicate when you start a private island is customizable, Isenberg explains. Featured college s. by Lindsay McKenzie. College s. This is Spider-Man -- with great power comes great responsibility.

Some are private, and you must request to the group. Want to advertise?

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Why They Left. Billed as "Slack for college students," Islands is a location-based app deed specifically with college students, rather than business colleagues, in mind. Of course, students already have a lot of ways to connect with each other on campus, but Isenberg believes that a lot of students use apps like GroupMe out of necessity rather than by choice. The premise of the Islands app is simple.

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Be the first to know. September 12, Anonymity Concerns Keith Marnoch, director of media and community relations at the University of Western Ontario, said he is aware of students at his institution using the Islands app. Inside Higher Ed Careers Hiring?

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Islands app gains traction as it expands base of colleges. You may also be interested in Survey finds most prospective students are open to vaccine requirements Why students don't fill out the FAFSA Asian and Asian American student activists call for changes on their campuses. Subscribe for free today.

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Subsequently, students abandoned the appmuch to the relief of many college administrators tasked with monitoring its content. The Next Yik Yak? By Lindsay McKenzie.

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Its founder says he learned from the controversial and defunct Yik Yak, but the new app gives users ability to post anonymously -- a trait many believe was at the root of why Yik Yak caused so many problems on campuses. Users are also prompted to link their Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram s so that other students can easily find and follow them.

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He said that while he understands the reservations about anonymity, he believes it is important for young people to be able to explore different identities in a safe way. While he said it was positive that the campus has a new communication platform, he said he has concerns about the app potentially being used for bullying. View the discussion thread. The ability to post anonymously on Islands has sparked comparisons with another campus-based social media app -- Yik Yak.

Though Yik Yak officially shut down operations earlier this year, at its peak the app was ubiquitous on college campuses, and at one point was valued at hundreds of millions of dollars.

. As to whether Islands could become as popular as Yik Yak once was, Stoller said we would have to wait and see. In the U. Isenberg said that the Islands team has particularly reached out to student leaders in the LGBT and Greek communities on these campuses, as well as members of student governments, to ask them to become brand ambassadors.

If they want to have a room that is anonymous, they could.

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While his institution is not intending to monitor the app full-time, Marnoch said the university would app a responsibility to respond to students if they brought forward any concerns. If they college the room to just be for sharing chats, they can do that. Keith Marnoch, director of media and community relations at the University of Western Ontario, said he is aware of students at his institution using the Islands app.

Coronavirus Live Updates - 1 hour 38 min ago. We have retired comments and introduced Letters to the Editor. If users are repeatedly kicked out of group chats by these moderators, they can be banned from the app entirely.

Another lesson Isenberg says he has taken from Yik Yak is not to expand too quickly. Those with long memories will remember that before Yik Yak, there was JuicyCampus -- another anonymous college gossip app that quickly turned poisonous and was shut down after two years.

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Isenberg said that he felt anonymity was important because it allows students to express themselves and discuss difficult topics. Post A Job Today! Though Islands is primarily targeting college students right now, Isenberg said he could see it expanding to other demographics. A spate of controversies, however, including numerous incidents of targeted racist, sexist and homophobic comments, in addition to several high-profile threats of violence via the app, forced Yik Yak to rethink its anonymity policy.

While Islands does have some anonymous chat spaces, most posts are made nonanonymously, he said.

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With a fun tropical theme, trendy sweatshirts and hats stamped with their logo, and a growing squad of on-campus brand ambassadors, Isenberg said, Islands has seen promising adoption rates from students at the seven campuses in the United States where the app is enabled -- the Universities of Alabama, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina; Clemson and Auburn Universities; and the College of Charleston. Get our free daily newsletter.

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