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I must give credit to excite.

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Virtual Places Chat is software that uses the paradigm that any web on the Internet is a chat room — or Virtual Place — if one or more people are viewing the with the VPchat program.

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I was to get my first one about a year later. Gawd my collection of avatar's was huge and to I still miss it everyday. I remember excite chat, it was one of the best the was around at the time.

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I'm not familiar with the site you mention but I do remember my few brief forays into the world of chat. They got to know each other in the chat room. We used to have so much fun and we used to catch up together for drinks in different capital city's just to meet 'the people' we spoke to every day.

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Some of the best mates I have ever made and still have to do this day I met on excite chat. Ten years ago I didn't even have a computer. Log In. Tagged Discussions.

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Making the avatars could be pretty tricky. Though, there hasn't been one like that, they have those virtual worlds where you can make your own avatars, and live in another world.

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Top Rated Discussions. Hi sparky.

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Yet I have a friend who met her husband in a chat room. It was neat when you could link up with someones's avatar.

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I could never get it Everyone seemed to know each other and newbies were quickly greeted, ignored and left behind. Is there a special knack to using chat rooms?

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Lets keep this freakin discussion alive someone has to know something! Wow, I would love to find some of my old excite chat friends! Those were the days!!! Bumpity bump!

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