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All Rights Reserved. Every year about this time, the same question comes around: What are the best gifts in Santa Cruz this holiday season?

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I imagine the early 70s on the central California coast were an amazing time.

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Again, that wouldn't be very Bronson-y, of course. Progressive punk mtb company now making behind-the-curve bikes for rich boomers. The '97 Heckler had a degree head angle, mm of travel from a 51mm stroke shock, and a 1. Shimano's Steps was deemed to be the most compatible. Its a shitless horse c'mon. Visit the high-res gallery for more images from this article. Could it be that some eBike haters on PB have only ever hated eBikes because of their looks and because they really wanted to enjoy an advantage over their fellows while pretending to ride a real bike?

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It ain't pretty, but it got the job done. NeilB Feb 11, at Thay should have ran 29" wheels and called it the "Lazyboy"instead of the "Tallboy". Santa Cruz says they can use less anti-squat because the motor is helping your cause as well. Packaging the lower-link VPP system with a motor in the frame wasn't easy. The head angle sits a The new bike's mm headtube is 5mm longer and, because of that pesky motor, the mm chainstay length is 15mm longer. I was a smelly sixteen-year-old kid reading Mountain Bike Action magazines cover to cover when the original Heckler was released back in as a beefy for the time trail bike with mm of travel.

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At the end of the day, the Steps system is very seamless and gave it a ride characteristic much closer to a pedal bike as far as the reward for what you put in. Feb 11, You must to Pinkbike. Very different times.

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The Shimano battery clips into place inside of the downtube, and cables are zip-tied in place. Looks like a Nomad with a SC. T Box qirill - how about Yeahboi - 26" for. The single-pivot Heckler was, much like the Tazmon when it debuted inseen as a relatively burly machine next to its NORBA-inspired competitors that weighed less but were also less capable.

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It makes far more sense. up. Shame on you WAKIdes Feb 11, at Come on - Heckler is a very cunning name for their First E-bike. Imagine working in the Santa Cruz marketing department last week. Or maybe it's those who're riding it that'll be doing the heckling? Dmrides Feb 11, at Bustacrimes Feb 12, at Mark Weir wishes he rode this instead of the Spesh at Rubicon!

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Clarkeh : Perfect. We looked at other motors and what the kinematics would be. The non-motorized bike gets a sealed bearing in the rearward shock eyelet that the Heckler skips for clearance reasons, and the Heckler's shock tunnel is a bit lower, but they appear to be closely related brothers otherwise. Not that being a brand loyalist is a good thing, but I was a SC loyalist. Come on SC you can do it!

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Motor size, weight, battery size, modular batteries etc. In fact, the Bronson showed up ina year after Santa Cruz's e-bike project had begun in secrecy, and the two bikes share the same shock size, stroke, and essentially the same tune. I just wish they made Nomad and called it Huckler. A speed Eagle drivetrain with XT cranks, of course is paired with a Shimano motor.

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The original Heckler took its name from a type of beer that Rob Roskopp, one of the three founders of Santa Cruz, was a fan of, and there have been a few different versions of the bike since. The display unit right tells you which of the three modes you're in, battery life, and cadence. The aluminum Heckler mule was a big factor in the bike's development. Clarkeh Feb 11, at ViceGrips Feb 11, at Skabbi Feb 11, at Skabbi : he was delightfully sick eh?

The mm-travel Heckler uses Shimano's E Steps motor, a mm e-fork, and is on If you've been around for a while, the Heckler name might ring a bell. I'm walking away in the rain with a sad face. Dmrides : They say I'm the cutest boy in town. So, why didn't they add more length and subtract more head angle to make their first e-bike even more of a speed machine, as some other brands are doing?

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It also happens to be a fitting name for a bike that might see a bit of heckling. The Whitey5 Feb 11, at MtbSince84 Feb 11, at Ill wait for the EV10! Hold onto your hate: Santa Cruz has entered the world of eMTBs with their all-new Heckler, a mm-travel all-mountain machine that's powered by Shimano's watt Steps E motor and rolling on Their first e-bike is modelled after like the non-motorized Bronsonwhich we loved when we tested it last year.

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How sweet would it bee to be able to do 20 mile ride with your kids WAKIdes :. Also enjoying an advantage in cycling is pretty much just being richer so what are you a dentist or a hedge funder?? That adds up to a 1,mm wheelbase for a large. There's also no frame-only option at this point.

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Nope, this ain't SWAT. PocoBoho Feb 11, at Clever paint scheme though to hide the baby bump. ImAManCheetah88 Feb 11, at So much hate for this machine which to be fair, looks like a portly Nomad, just as many other eBikes look like their pedal bike siblings on KFC. Perhaps this hate has to do with the fact that Spaz have made an eBike that almost looks like a real bike and this one still looks like an eBike?.

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It looks like they were uncomfortable with where to put the Santa Cruz logo on that obese downtube. Then on Tuesday Specialized drop the Levo SL, and you realise you have to try to promote this ugly mutant.

First look: santa cruz's first emtb, the heckler

This is just sad. ImAManCheetah88 : you win the internet for today.

DH all day, everyday! The people who are old enough to have bought the first Hecklers are now in the age group that is looking at the new Heckler ButtermilkBar Feb 11, at But but love my Kenevo. Would be damn awesome. The battery is protected by a carbon cover leftand the whole thing pops off with a half-turn of a 4mm hex key.

Horizontally centered and bottom vertical wasn't the right choice. E version of the megatower will be called megapower.