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Indian sex chat stories

Hello everyone. K, a 24 year old guy from Hyderabad. As usual, one night I was searching for a female on omegle as there were mostly male.

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Hi, to all the readers. This is my first attempt to narrate an incident and it is not a typical sex story. I tried to communicate as it is to you guys to conserve the true essence of it.

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Looks like you have been following me a lot at college to ogle? Mulgi: Then who is it? Mulgi: Ohhhh. Me: What do you think would a single guy do by being up till so late?

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Mulgi: Hey hero, where are you? I will narrate the sexting experience which is a real-life chat narration. None from our year? Me: Hey, not a case of not meeting up with you. Are they so good?

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Me: Hmmmm, ogling around on the engineering birds. After I missed college for almost a week, the heroine messaged me around midnight on a Saturday night to ask my whereabouts. The heroine of the story was my colleague at college who was also trying her hand at modeling at that time. Me: Wrong statement. She was a Maharashtrian Mulgi, a nice and tall girl with good assets at the right place but a dominating girl by nature. Me: Lazy times. Get up late by afternoon in the day.

You can read my sexting story here:. A sweet smile and a loving attitude. Have lunch, study for a while and spend the evening with computer games. Me: There are a few. It was the time of Diwali during those days.

Me: You. Mulgi: Unexpected reply from you. Checked for you. The college started. I happened to fracture my ankle during the Diwali leave. She meets all your criteria.

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Getting bored as fuck with nothing to do at home except for computer games. Mulgi: Ohhhh, Then Leesha? Missing college for a week or not meeting me up?

Been missing from college due to a fractured ankle for the last 1 week. You are at the top of the charts meeting all the criteria. What do you do being up till so late in the night? Checked for you as I think you are 5 feet 7 inches. It was a hard catch and had to try a lot with her. A brief about me, I am a good-looking 6 feet tall guy located in the western part of the country. She sent a photo of her in a green Maharashtrian style saree clicked from a twisted angle from behind. Vineeta and Dhannu from junior year.

Mulgi: Aha. It would be Payal for sure. She can beat them all. Minimum 5 feet 6 inch to fall in line and a nice maintained shape. Me: Long story but cut short twisted my ankle while playing sports and resulted in a hairline fracture.

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So out of action for 3 weeks that means? So, what do you do the entire day? Me: Alisha, Sayali, and Saloni from senior year. Mulgi: Ohhhhh, Engineering birds. But there are a few in our college too who are hot as hell and can give them a tough fight. Mulgi: Flattered with your observation.

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Anymore description would you like to hear, or this would suffice? Mulgi: Yups. But I ogle for only one. None of the commerce birds in our part of college? Mulgi: Ohhh, What are those criteria? Me: Tall girl approx. Showing off a lot more of her ass and side boobs.

Me: Slim girl but with the right amount of assets.

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We boys can ogle even from a long distance. Me: Engineering birds are definitely hotter than ours. Hello friends, this is my yet another sexting experience on XIS. I am a fan of sexting and hence I am writing down the various real-life incidents which have taken place with me over the course of time. What are you missing the most from college? These are big-time hotties of the college. I was down with plaster in my foot for 3 weeks and had to skip college during that time. Mulgi: Ohhh. Mulgi: Aha, who are they? Mulgi: Ahan.

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Mulgi: Alright. You know your assets are perfect. At least I will be updated on the college front. Missing out on college fun. Me: Yup, right, been sitting at home since the last week. Sexting Experience — Part 1. Me: Of course. Checked for you or else you would not be chatting with me.

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Nice assets they all got. Me: Ahan, bet you caught me. Portions in bracket resemble actions being taken by the partners in the storyline. Post dinner I stay in bed and while my time till I fall asleep around 3 to 4 am.

All attitude for no reason. What happened?

Mulgi: Lolz.