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in. How the crew of the used and continues to use social media in a way that harms LGBT viewers. What do you do? But first you convince them this is the best candy ever. The disproportionate makes the appearance of an LGBT character in media an attraction to the LGBT communities desperate for more representation.

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Stop posting personal pics and videos from years ago that have nothing to do with the Stop digging out info about classes she took in high school seriously what the fuck? I apologize for that. We knew this Commander would be working with Clarke, and a lot of talk was specific to their relationship.

It became clear that we needed to upend the expectations people had about what the Grounder Commander would be.

The big question was if we could tell a story about Clarke having interest in Lexa beyond their mutual respect for each other as leaders. posts remaining. Link: Copy link. After all, the Commander sent Grounders to attack the dropship at the end of Season One. Clearly the Commander is someone who should not be underestimated. And the question was about character dynamics — not the what of a character but a why and how.

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The more difficult part was deciding what kind of woman she was. But it is also true that when you begin to know your characters, they speak to you, and before long, it feels like the story and those characters guide you.

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It's always been a bit OTT, but while the show was on air, it was easily drowned out by on topic discussions. Given what we had already learned about the Grounder culture, that act alone was enough to make Lexa consider Clarke a force to be reckoned with. Now we need to flesh out that character, breathe life into it.

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Clarke fic :wub: Jealousy It's by coeur-d'astronaute so yeah, it's awesome! The L Chat. Early on an idea was floated that the Commander was ; Jason had the notion that the Grounders would believe in reincarnation as a way of selecting leaders, much like the Dalai Lama, an intriguing idea that made it seem possible that these tough, warrior people would actually choose to follow someone so young. In talking about those early interactions between Clarke and Lexa, it was clear that the two would approach each other cautiously.

Guest wrote: Guest wrote: Guest wrote: Quoting limited to 3 levels deep. We also knew that we wanted to introduce non-heterosexual relationships into the show, so the idea that Lexa was attracted to women came up. My initial read of the question and the answer it prompted from me was really just scratching the surface of what it takes to create characters in stories.

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Ultimately we aged up the character, as it was unrealistic to hire a 10 year-old to be the Commander, logistically. But who is she? Guest wrote: Guest wrote: my friend that is Also a Clexa fan wrote that to Shawna about the dynamic thing she wrote about Clexa and she answered her.

On the surface it seemed logical to expect that the Commander was an older man, someone who has lived a lot of life and has used his experience to forge alliances. But Clarke chipped away at that — and by episodeit was clear when Lexa kissed Clarke the she had moved away from that philosophy enough to take that chance that Clarke might too feel a connection to her.

I think it's a bit mistaken thing to say, because everyone has it's place and to say that Lexa filled some kind of void is just wrong I think you are misunderstanding. Clarke was, after all, the one who orchestrated the Ring of Fire and was responsible for the deaths of her warriors. Tapatalk promotion. Switch to Print View - posts of It's still so weird that the queer ship is canon while the hetero ship is not except on a platonic level, but I don't feel bad for them, I've been on the other side of it too chats times, I need to be able to enjoy this shit.

Guest wrote: Guest wrote: Guest wrote: my friend that is Also a Clexa fan wrote that to Shawna about the dynamic thing she wrote about Clexa and she answered her. The Commander would have a role for most of the second half of Season Two, and work rules for children being what they are, it would have been very 100 to execute that idea. And that is just one of the many reasons writing is something I love so much. When you talk about characters, you work hard to get into their hepace, try to understand what they are thinking and feeling in every single moment of the episode.

The fact is as writers, you are a small god, dictating the world you create. Everyone liked this idea a lot. He didn't agree with pulling the lever and Clarke didn't feel he understood how she felt, just like everyone else which is why she left in the end? May 16, T May 17, T We've updated our Privacy Policy and by continuing you're agreeing to the updated terms.

The Share Share with:. She was just being a good girlfriend and paying attention to Clarke babbling.

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You have to think like them, and try out different scenarios until you get to the character dynamic that feels right. Guest wrote: Guys! The writers determined pretty early on that the Commander should be a woman, just to go against what most would assume was a masculine role and position. Did I say this? That was the easy part.

So, Lexa. And the idea that Lexa would be attracted to Clarke, who had just killed the boy she loved…well, that was juicy for storytelling.

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For reference, I've also posted the gifs here from :. That feeling when the story, the characters and their scenes begin to sing…nothing else compares. OK. And those performances certainly help shape the story and characters going forward… I hope this is helpful to writers who are trying to understand their characters better.

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Fortunately, the studio and network were supportive of the story, so the writers were able to execute their vision. This has nothing to do with comparing relationships, just that Clarke needed someone to talk to who would understand what she feels. Isn't the whole point that Bellamy doesn't understand? You talk about what has happened to them in their lives, how it shaped them and how current events are changing them in small, subtle ways. Respect each other? The actors bring so much to the table though in their portrayals and no matter how much writers talk about how the characters feel and act toward each other, it goes to another level when you finally can see it on screen.

I feel like this is dangerous for her to say. Guest wrote: This thread has become really creepy and obsessive when it comes to ADC. Lexa is my favorite character, and I love ADC, but some of you are just Glee levels of stalkerish.

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And of course those dynamics change over the course of the story. There are to date very few le of network TV shows who are bisexual or homosexual. Now it's after of how perfect and flawless and out of this world ADC is.

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I found a pretty great Jealous! Lexa was. How would they relate to each other? But we also expected that Commander to be ruthless. It would only be through their conversations and actions through the season that these two leaders would bond on a deeper level.

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If you want to do those things, by all means, but take it outside this thread because it's OT. I'm sure you can stalk her just as well elsewhere. Frankly, I'm pretty sure at least some of the ppl obsessing over her are the same ones that were in the ADC thread. Back to top. Guest wrote: Guest wrote: No wonder this show ends up all over the place at times, the writers really need to sort their shit so they're on the same. Would they like each other? I realized that what was really being asked was about character dynamics. Lexa would even come to see Clarke as the leader to the Arkers, even though she spent time with Kane and Jaha.

Certainly how Clarke and Bellamy interact now is far different than it was in the first episode, and it will continue to change. When the writers determined that the Grounder Commander character needed to be introduced, there were so many ways that could happen. All of that was discussed at length in the room. Or Learn more Continue. Then, the discussion of character dynamics came up.