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Home. Resources for Indigenous Cultures around the World.

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For the Full Blood Native Americans and those who see a better life following the Traditional lifestyle. You need not be Blood to be respected in our world. For those who are seeking truth of the First American Culture.

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On hot topics such as the recent thre on the Makah whale hunt, you'll see the divisions between the Native and non-Native posters most clearly. AOL America Online boasts the largest subscriber base of any online service so you can be sure there are plenty of Indian users and users interested in Indians.

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Perhaps the Internet is waiting for a cool new place for Indians to chat Any suggestions? Some have as little as 5 members, others have hundreds, so you can always find the group that suits your pace. So you can literally find hundreds of groups about Indian issues.

Com hosts a chat, recent visits only showed at most a half dozen chatters at any one time. Com Archive, a collection dating back to Some outgoing links may no longer work due to age.

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We decided to take a look at some of the places where you can find interesting conversation. While Navajos. According to a recent report, its also falling out of use.

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Com and of course, Indianz. But you'll also find talk about powwows, racism, and just general chit-chat.

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Mostly inhabited by the professional set, alt. But at least one newsgroups, alt. Com or Remarq.

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True to AOL's reputation as the place to meet potential online romances, the most frequent topic is men and women and where to find them. News Archive.

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Com: www. Unfortunately, this highly entertaining chat was phased out. BeSeen: www. Most also feature mailing list capabilities and are poised to take over that form of discussion as well.

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Occasionally, you'll get the curious visitor who always asks "Are you guys Indians? On eGroups alone, we counted more than 50 with topics ranging from Indian law to Indian singles. Even in the wee hours of the morning, you can find them chatting in the Native American Chat rooms.

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As with alt. But most of the time, the discussion between users is interesting, engaging, and educational.

The technology is so pervasive that anyone can create their own personalized group in a matter of minutes, thanks to services like eGroups, Yahoo! But you can also make up your own message boards using a variety of tools such as BeSeen. You are enjoying stories from the Indianz. About This You are enjoying stories from the Indianz. You can also find several web-based discussion boards on various web sites, including Navajos.

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