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As a married person, is it okay to chat online or send private messages to Facebook members of the opposite sex? There is no simple answer to this question.

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This week on App Chat, we'll fill you on the latest apps to help you find that special someone. Remember from the late '90s or early s when there was a site called 'HotorNot. Tinder actually kind of takes that idea and spins it off into an app. What you do is you in with Facebook so it brings in your photos and info automatically.

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Sometimes a chat begins in a simple, straight forward manner between a male and female, but then goes beyond the limit and reaches to a very serious state in which the laws, teachings and values of Islam are violated. Kitab An Nawazil Vol. Beliefs and PracticesCharacterFatwas November 4, Is it haram to chat with the opposite sex on WhatsApp in a friendly manner?

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It is for this reason, it cuts every evil from its root, and prohibits many things which can be the cause for sins and indecencies. Sending messages about places, foodplants, jokes also messages about oneself.

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It is not permissible to chat in a friendly manner with the opposite sex who is not a Mahram blood related to you. Chatting in this manner on WhatsApp or other forms of social media, is from among those things which can lead to many evils, and so, the scholars of Islam have stated that it is prohibited.

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Marriages continue to be affected with this sort of unnecessary and friendly chats, and some have already been broken. Islam is a religion which teaches its followers to live pure and chaste lives, and encourages them to refrain from every such action through which their names can be tarnished and their conduct can be tainted.

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Therefore, messages of what you have asked about and jokes etc.