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When facing divorce, the Internet can be a quick and easy place to turn to find some support, whether in the form of a listening ear or legal advice. The proper support is crucial to overcoming the issues that go hand-in-hand with a divorce.

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All rights reserved. What about separated for 6 months, divorce filed shortly after the separation??

Now Search Community. I was happily separated for over 6 yrs and dated. This is always a good one.

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Howard Hughes used to call seperated and divorced women "wet decks" be seeing you. For me yes off limits and the line is drawn at dinner and a movie at the most.

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First one got divorced after I broke up with him. The second one, I became friends with his wife. He left her and went back twice ultimately going back for good.

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No reason for delaying my divorce, just never got around to it. Where do you draw the line at?

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That's just askin' for trouble. Do you consider a person with this situation off limits from going too far? But my last relationship showed me that without divorce papers, its just asking for trouble.

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I've dated 2 guys before that were married but seperated. She had no problems with dating her husband and taking care of her. They had been seperated for while and couldn't afford the divorce.

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How " recent " would be considered recently separated?? That's because "married but recently separated" means "married".

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Being seperated myself, it has not stopped me from getting dates, I'm also getting divorced April 12th. The line is drawn even before the date has even begun.

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Red flag with cherries and whip cream on top is still a red flag. Topic: Married but recently separated. Guess it's all up to the individuals concerned.

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How bad you are her want IT. How bad you are her want IT Or I don't know how much he lied to me but I know he wasn't completely truthful about his living situation and thats what ultimately ended it. I am now happily divorced. But I was honest about it, told anyone interested that I was technically married but separated over x yrs.

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Choice was theirs and must admit had a great time dating. I never used to care as long as they had no intention of going back with their ex.