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To make matters worse, the reply was a long time in coming. If you are wondering why I still play, it's because I have given their company too much money already to just up and quit. Online support is unresponsive regarding this problem.

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Memberships are best if you are going to play regularly for a year or two and then stop. My son makes purchases as well with his money. Then they listed our address. Even after removing all chat filters there are still restrictions on what can be said.

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Parents say Kids say Parent of a 9 and year-old Written by Disconnected September 12, Too many disconnections The software has too many disconnections during games causing frustration. Adult Written by Kraf October 5, We've made it a family affair for more than 10 years I have been playing this game off and on with my oldest kids now in college since As my younger two got older, they ed in the fun.

Read my mind 1. This should be a major red flag. Parent of a year-old Written by shark69 June 18, Wizard The game is a must play game.

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DO NOT fall into this money pit. If you call the company that runs Wizard, all you get is a message saying to log in andwhich is very frustrating for this type of situation. Chat filters allow you to control how much your kids can see what other people are saying. Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work! Had useful details.

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Pros: -Lots of different ways to play including: questing, gardening, fishing, crafting, and pvp. They also have a "no refund" policy which is why they act aloof. Many on there are now the young kids who played when the game started and are typically in college or college age. Based wizard101 our expert review. For instance, my kids wanted to purchase a mount to make travel within the game faster.

Some math will be more advanced than what a 10 year old can do, but eventually they chat realize that battles are easier if you can figure out how to room a boss as quickly as possible and that involves crunching s. Furthermore, there are NO organizational contact phone s. Can these restrictions be worked around? This review Helped me decide. They get to chose how to spend their allowance money. The most strict controls are very restrictive and are effective in preventing kids seeing anything that could be deemed offensive or inappropriate.

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Report this review. Find a good game with a good company backing it. The game and it's players have changed drastically. Add your rating.

No effence but I don't like Wizard When I try to make an acount the Birthdate Day and tear never show up. This title contains: Language.

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Having a hard time defeating a boss? By zone is great if you are like me and my kids, it costs more but once you buy a zone to play in all the characters on that have access to it. Parent of a 9-year-old Written by ricardo matos rios June 10, Adult Written by klstreet April 17, Great game to play together I started playing this game with my daughter over 12 years ago.

Adult Written by beagles June 25, It would be good for ppl over the age of They might be able to figure it out.

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Read my mind. There is a whole system to misspelling words to get around the filter system for cursing and it is used a LOT. Under different ownership, the game has massive game glitch problems making the game both frustrating as it malfunctions as well a waste of time.

Customer support for Kings Isle is horrible and often rude, if they even answer you at all. Prepaying for membership is like asking for a beating. Based on reviews. Parent reviews for Wizard Common Sense says Magical adventure where kids learn to become wizards.

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This company advocates "gambling" and extorts exorbitant amounts of money from people, under the "umbrella" that everything is completely a "random s game. Also there is an extremely large amount of profanity used in the game.

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This has allowed us to play on and off for 11 years with out having to have to restart a membership each time we want to hop on and play. Sure, to an extent. Adult Written by RamBeau00 December 16, Wizard deception Wizard's organizational structure is substandard for any company.

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Adult Written by Gamer January 10, Not the game it used to be I played wizard as a babysitter to an 8 year old boy when the game was new. When my son turned 14 he stopped playing as did I. I have spent a considerable amount of money by choice to get things in the game which i love that is an option. Adult Written by Lisa Mayette April 11, Hostile Environment, Unhelpful Company Complaints about other players being verbally abusive toward my child were met with curt responses such as, "Ignore them" chat no indication that any effort would be made to penalize the offensive player.

Once they have your money, they treat customers horrible. In order for your children to merely be able to be competitive let alone excel in wizard101 game, you will end up sinking a lot of money and time into this game. I hope this game never goes away. Corona Column 3 Use these free activities to help kids explore our planet, learn about global challenges, think of solutions, and room action.

Parent of a year-old Written by Music Dad April 8, Sex and death threats while playing this game My son received messages from someone who said they were going to kill him, but first have sex with him.

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The company will pander to whomever will offer them free publicity and advertising. During the pandemic my kids and I spent more than a few evenings sitting around the dining table on our laptops playing W together, although this does involve everyone having their own -which we do. This title contains: Ease of Play. I ed this information to KingsIsle entertainment whose only response was that they needed the name used by the person sending the messages. The downside is that it can make it difficult for advanced group gameplay.

The game forces you to think of different ways of approaching the problem. Most are not friendly, helpful or nice.